When feeding a raw diet the amount of food you feed will vary according to a number of factors such as the animals breed, size, age and activity levels.

RATIO of RAW FOOD and BONES – we generally recommend 50% bones and 50% raw food.  We suggest the feeding of bones in the morning (Frozen is an option) this gives them something to do while also stimulating their metabolism and saliva.  Hence feed raw food at night or late afternoon.  The Value Meal has already been pulped up so there is little work to be done and this is an indicator to them that it is time to settle down for bed.

In general this portion size will be somewhere between 2-5% of the animals weight.

Based on an average of 3% of body weight the following feed guide is provided:

  • 5.0kg –  150g   per day
  • 7.5kg – 225g per day
  • 10kg – 300g per day
  • 15kg  – 450g per day
  • 20kg  – 600g per day
  • 25kg – 750g per day
  • 30kg – 900g per day
  • 35kg – 1.05kg per day
  • 40kg – 1.2kg per day
  • 45kg – 1.35kg per day
  • 50kg – 1.5kg per day
  • 55kg – 1.65kg per day
  • 60kg – 1.8kg per day
  • 65kg + 2.0kg per day

* Always monitor your dogs weight and adjust portion sizes accordingly or look at adjusting the flavour of food you are feeding.  For example if your animal is overweight you might reduce food or introduce rice into the diet so you reduce the protein content but not the serving size.




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