We have dedicated a page to BONES because they are such an important part of canine and feline life.  Not only do bones fulfil an important dietary role such as providing a valuable source  of calcium but bones also satisfy an instinctual function of animals chewing and cleaning their teeth.

All bones supplied by Value Pet have been carefully chosen so that they are suitable as a food source, hard enough to satisfy the desire for chewing, whilst also being soft enough to avoid damage to teeth.  Despite their widespread use and sale in some store we are not supportive of hard, destructive bones such as shank or marrow bones.

For those who are afraid to feed raw bones or for dogs and cats who are not used to feeding on raw bones we would suggest starting them off with the smaller softer bones first and then progressing onto larger, harder bones once you are both familiar and comfortable.

The following bones are available to Value Pet stockist;

CHICKEN – necks, wings, legs and frames (Soft to medium)

GOAT – back, neck and brisket bones. (Medium to hard)

KANGAROO – long tails and meaty tail butts (Medium to hard)

LAMB – back, neck and brisket bones (Medium to hard)

If your stockist does not stock the bones you are after simply ask them to order them in or seek out an alternative stockist such as a home delivery service.



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