Value Pet natural raw meals are available in two varieties of product.

The SUPREME range combines chicken with an additional flavour of meat or rice and is suitable for most dogs.  It has a balanced blend of chicken meat and bone with a mixture of an alternative flavour and protein source such as kangaroo or lamb.  For the price conscious or for lower activity there is also the Chicken, Veg and Rice  product.

The DELUXE range only uses organic / free-range meats  ensuring all product are made using cruelty free meats for those customers who have concerns about their animals as well as the welfare of the protein source going into the food.  This range is specifically designed for sensitive, aged or allergic dogs.  It is also grain free and does not mix primary meats enabling you to know exactly what is going into the food.

For added nutrients we blend in natural vitamin rich freshly minced Australian lamb offal maximising the organ benefits of the kidney, heart and liver. ALL PRODUCTS ARE MADE FROM HUMAN GRADE INGREDIENTS.


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